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In life there are different journeys we experience, destinations we explore, moments we go due north and others that go south. There may be times you feel God drawing you near to him and other times he feels distant. Through life’s storms, we want you to know that you are never alone. Please allow us to walk beside you, one Journey Unwrapped at a time.

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All seasons in life require different work, thoughts and actions. Select what journey you want to unwrap and your gifts will be curated specifically for you. All boxes ship out by the 15th of each month. If you would like to change the journey you are on, you can login to your account and do so at any time.

This is also a great way to help others feel encouraged with a gift box! What a great way to remind them that they are never alone and are truly loved. Select what journey you want your friend or family to unwrap, and their gifts will be curated specifically for them.

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- Lifted In Hope - Have you ever felt completely stuck in life with absolutely no way out? We want you to know that there is hope in and through this time. When feeling depressed, worthless, hopeless or empty, we’d love to help show you how beautifully and wonderfully made you are by God.

- Calm In The Storm: When feeling paralyzed by heavy storms in your life due to anxiety, stress, fear or worry, this series of gifts and encouragement is for you. If chains are weighing you down, we want to walk with you as you remove these from your life, filling it with feelings of calm and peace that only God can provide.

- Comforted In Love - In certain moments of life, knowing that someone is helping carry your burdens makes all the difference in the world. We want to help comfort you through illnesses or grief, recognizing that you are not alone with Christ. Our hope with this series is that you will find rest with Christ, knowing you are His beloved.

- Planned Purpose - Have you ever been on a drive and feeling lost with absolutely no direction? During our quest of life we can feel this same way. We want to help you find your God given purpose, knowing for certain He has a plan for you. Although your purpose can be ever changing, we can’t wait to see what God reveals to you.

- Delighted In Christ - We are so encouraged to hear that you are in a good season, feeling delighted in Christ. When walking with Christ we know we aren’t promised a life without trials, but feelings of joy, gratitude, blessed and loved are powerful when our compass is on Christ. We would love to walk along side of you, encouraging you along your journey as you disciple others and continue to feel the praises that God has given you.